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Bitcoin: Money Without Borders: Peer to Peer Payments and Peer to Peer Philanthropy is coming soon!

Bitcoin: Money Without Borders: Peer to Peer Payments and Peer to Peer Philanthropy is coming soon!

Bitcoin: Money Without Borders: Peer to Peer Payments and Peer to Peer Philanthropy is coming soon! Rating:
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Most people understand very little about Bitcoin. But the mass acceptance of crypto-currencies is already underway. We are living in a time of big change - one in which the ultra conservative banking sector is finally being forced to evolve.
Person to person lending, crowd funding and other peer to peer payment methods are quickly gaining popularity. The Bitcoin Tidal Wave is gaining momentum too - this tidal wave is poised to sweep over industries the same way that Paypal, iTunes, Skype, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin did. Bitcoin will do to banks what email did to the postal industry.
The more companies that accept Bitcoin, the more valuable it is to consumers. The more valuable bitcoin is to consumers, the more valuable it is for merchants. 2014 could be the beginning of the virtuous cycle Bitcoin evangelists have been hoping for.
How can your business or charity benefit from this revolutionary “social currency”?
This is my second eBook on Bitcoin. This is a concise and objective guide to the applications of Bitcoin and in particular how to use Bitcoin with the powerhouse that
is Facebook to grow your income or donations exponentially. In this book I look at some of the latest developments in the Bitcoin and crypto - currency world. You will find out how to ride the wave of mass adoption that is just about to happen!
Bitcoin the currency is what the media focuses on - its price volatility, who the secret inventor was etc... That all makes for a good story, but what is really interesting is the actual technology behind Bitcoin - the very clever system that is called the Blockchain. This is what makes money programmable and allows applications for peer to peer money transfers that were previously impossible. It was when I started researching this aspect that the myriad possibilities for businesses and charities started to dawn on me...
Don't worry about jargon such as blocks, blockchain, hashing, wallets, private keys, or mining. You don't need to know all this techie stuff to put Bitcoin to work for your business or charity. In Bitcoin: Money Withour Borders - You will discover:
The EXCLUSIVE reasons why I believe Bitcoin (and other digital currencies) will "go viral" and gain mass acceptance soon
How to harness the power of Bitcoin and Facebook to increase your income or charitable donations
Why you don't need to understand programming or algorithms to be able to use digital currencies
How we can all have a financial system that is open and inclusive
How the 2.5 Billion unbanked people in the World can be brought into a peer to peer money and philanthropy system
How tipping and micro-payments can be used for your business or charity
Why the price of digital currencies will skyrocket
How to get started quickly and safely
And much more...
This eBook is relevant for individuals, business owners and administrators or trustees of charities and not-for-profit organisations.
Peer to Peer money and Peer to Peer Philanthropy is coming soon!
You won’t read this anywhere else!
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* If you have no idea what Bitcoin or the other crypto currencies are about, you may want to download my first Bitcoin eBook


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