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Bitcoin Programming

Bitcoin Programming

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Product Description

Become a Bitcoin Developer today.

What you'll learn ?

  • Setup and configure Bitcoin server
  • Interacting with Bitcoin server through JSON-RPC libraries
  • Using bitcoin-cli
  • Testing Bitcoin applications on testnet
  • Working with Bitcoin -regtest mode
  • Working with accounts and addresses
  • Keypool and change addresses
  • base58check encoding and decoding
  • Creating Multi-Signature M-of-N addresses
  • Understanding Bitcoin Transaction
  • Funding and spending funds received on multi-sig address
  • Using raw transaction API
  • Transaction verification using scriptSig and scriptPubKey
  • Transaction Fees
  • Replacement Transactions
  • How to get notifications of transactions, blocks and errors
  • Working with wallets
  • How to lock, unlock, dump, import and backup wallet
  • Getting public key from private key
  • Getting address from public key hash
  • Wallet import format WIF from/to private key
  • Compressed private/public keys
  • Address and WIF checksum checking
  • Bitcoin.conf options and command-line arguments
  • JSON-RPC error codes
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