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Bitcoin: The Beginning

Bitcoin: The Beginning

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More than 2.5 billion adults around the world, and more than half of those in developing economies, do not have a bank account, thus deprived from the luxury and access to Bank Cards or other online payment options, it’s quite difficult to alleviate inequality and spur economic growth”

It was time for a revolution, to change the world of commerce and e-commerce, imagine a free system, without the burden of centralization, offering anonymity and purchasing power to all. Bitcoin was born.

In October 2009, an exchange rate was assigned to Bitcoin, the new digital currency, against the most accepted currency around the world, the United States Dollar, new liberty publishes a Bitcoin exchange rate that establishes the value of a Bitcoin as $1.00 / ฿1,309.03.

Bitcoin has outgrown every commodity available for trade today in the world markets, including gold and oil. Giving it a growth rate of more than 1000 percent in a span of eight years, most corporations with the top 100 shares in Wall Street or London Stock Exchange, have not attained that value since their formation, see if you can find anything close to its growth.

The Internet has changed the way we live today. Give it a few more years “Bitcoin” will change it again.

Bitcoin is the most talked about subject in recent days on the Web and in the real world, be it the print media or world News forums, Debate on legality and the future of Bitcoin is never ending.

Bitcoin has traveled from Uncertainty to a World of Recognition in only the last few years, It has made Headlines both in the world of conception and reality, several entities were born and funded to promote Bitcoin through different mediums, Radio Shows, Bitcoin Magazine, Bitcoin Forums and Bitcoin Conferences are just a few of them.

Bitcoin The Beginning!, has an exclusive and contrary approach in introducing Bitcoin, its origin, history, growth and the opportunities it provides to the General Consumer and Merchants.

The ideas presented in this book will intrigue the general audience and entrepreneur around the world. Findings and true events since its Birth, will spark the interest of a common man into the Bitcoin medium.

This book will serve as a tool for a layman to understand the concepts, reality, technical aspects and reasons, why Bitcoin will emerge as an acceptable mode of payment in future.

Arshad is a business consultant and writer, his deep fascination with e-commerce became the reason for him to explore Bitcoin. His passion about the New Digital Currency could be felt from his inspirational concepts and approach, in Bitcoin the Beginning!


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